Song Review: Utada Hikaru- Oozora de Dakishimete


Bread (wholemeal and white for kids)
Meat (lean, watching figure)
Cereal (LOW CARB)
Face mask
Rice Crackers
Coke Zero
Soba noodles
Hair Rollers
Cat food

Treat: Vogue

Song Review: Utada Hikaru- Oozora de Dakishimete

Review: Utada Hikaru- Fantôme


Utada Hikaru‘s last Japanese album, HEART STATION, in this reviewers humble opinion, was a true masterpiece in the genre. Not just because it stood on it’s own right, but because it was the culmination of everything before it. Hikaru had taken all the elements she had built up and gave us a impeccably produced, truly trademark and SUBTLE album that has stood the test of time (it still sounds fresh after eight years!). Fantôme, then, should be a continuation, a homecoming. However, its not. Instead, it throws all subtlety aside and holds your hand through every track. THIS IS A SOPPY BALLAD, THIS IS A CUTE BOP. No interesting production choices here, folks, just plain, simple pop that, like, for use of a recent example, J.J Abram’s The Force Awakens, truly is there just to pander.

The opener “Michi“s intro instantly gives a glimpse of hope- THIS IS AMAZING!– but is dulled when the main melody jerks in and- while still rather pretty- also is noticeably overproduced and just a little bit ‘too much’ for any kind of real effect. By the end of the track you’ve lost interest and are simply waiting to see ‘what’s next’. The same goes for “Ore no Kanojo”. It’s so promising with it’s jazzy setup, but again, deteriorates into overproduced fluff by the time the chorus hits.

The much revered  track “Nijikan Dake no Vacance” is really nothing special in the end. Just a little ditty that has the novelty of featuring Shiina Ringo on guest vocals. It’s sweet and it’s cute, but it really holds no weight with this listener, especially after hearing the potential that these two artists both can reach. This coupling should be EXTRAORDINARY, not just another radio friendly tune that blends in with everything else.

This continues for the remainder of the album, humble songs that have so much promise but feel a need to go ‘big‘, a trying lack of patience seems to be widespread across the release. What’s interesting is that out of the six tracks that have been released already, the ones this reviewer found the most lackluster and underwhelming- ballads “Hanataba wo Kimi ni” and especially “Manatsu no Tooriame” now feel the most poignant and “real“. Closer, “Sakura Nagashi” is still as brilliant as the day it was released- and while an ‘old’ track- can be forgiven because it’s just so damn good.

There is one major, surprising exception to this though- the track “Boukyaku” featuring rapper KOHH. On paper it seems like a pretty awful idea- and before I heard it I was dreading the end result. Luckily then- it does not take the ‘rap, chorus, rap’ format expected, but tries something intriguing and fresh. A brooding, almost haunting track that doesn’t let up. It gives a sense of reflection– thoughts lost in the moment. It never goes for a big cheesy payoff, and it’s rewarding because of it. It’s definitely a unique piece in the scheme of the album and truly the standout track.

Finally, one thing that must unfortunately be addressed is the mastering and mixing. None of the previews or music videos before would suggest that it would be an issue- but after hearing the final album master- it sounds as digitally brickwalled and similar to label-mate Shiina Ringo‘s latest releases. Whether this is a Universal Music thing or something that Utada has chosen herself- it really sounds quite discerning for the kind of music here. There are basically no mid-levels, highs roll off. There’s way too much hiss on Hikki‘s voice, to the point of distraction. It’s a damn shame and truly saddening to see happen to an artist such as Utada Hikaru of all people. It all accumulates to a very fatiguing experience for the listener. She and her fans deserve better than this.

But hey, perhaps I am just being a grumpy old fart with unreasonable expectations. Go ahead, lap it up. I’ll be interested in Utada Hikaru again when they reissue HEART STATION on vinyl.

6/10- Utada Hikaru’s comeback release hints at some truly amazing heights, but is squashed under its own weight and mastering issues. Let’s hope Hikki plays it less safe on future releases.

Review: Utada Hikaru- Fantôme



UTADA HIKARU, the J-pop artist that got more than just a few of us into the genre to start with is returning to the scene after a near 6 year hiatus (sans the one single “Sakura Nagashi” made for the Evangelion 3.0 film). This alone is quite a big deal for almost everyone who listens to the genre- and she’s created two new songs for us all to listen to.

Usually when describing Utada Hikaru’s sound, the words that come to mind are warm, organic, comforting, beautiful. These new songs aren’t that- to me they’re cold, digital… manufactured. I don’t feel that instant draw that earlier releases had- whether it’s to do with the way the tracks have been mastered (inappropriately loud, rather tinny and compressed) or that they’re just not strong songs to begin with- is something I can’t fully decide on. Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

One song is a little fun tune with some nice instrumentation (Hanataba wo Kimi ni) and the other (Manatsu no Tooriame) is a pretty standard ballad that doesn’t quite hit the emotional heights that it’s seemingly going for, at least, not with this listener. Both feel a little underdeveloped in the writing stage, and overproduced in the production stage. This all adds to an odd and strangely alienating final result.

And while I certainly do not hate these two tracks (both are pretty equal to me- generic with some good vocals on Hikki’s part), I have to agree with the people wondering “is that it?” when it comes to these songs. Utada Hikaru returning should have been fireworks, this is a sparkler at best.

Time Will Tell whether Hikki’s return is the event that it should be- but for now I’m left in limbo with the rest of us. Still, it’s going to be nice to see her performing these songs on whatever shows she gets cast on- even if they are somewhat duds.