In a few days, the Japanese will clamber to the couch to watch another tired episode of Kohaku, us Shiina Ringo fans all secretly thinking (most of us looking at Ringo like Chris McNeil when she looked at Regan) “that thing is NOT Shiina Ringo“, let’s take time to look back and ponder the year that was.

Musically, at least in the more “alternative” side of things- it was strong, one of the strongest in years. We saw the return of the one and only Jun Togawa– not just once- but THREE times. Unfortunately though, most Japanese music fans were far more interested in SMAP calling it quits that they missed something truly amazing happening right under their noses.

I’ve got a hot tip to you folks when approaching music in the future- embrace imperfection. That’s what life is. Choose things that reflect this, soak it up, get lost in thought. It’s far better and more rewarding than praising an album that you all think is amazing but really just ends up like that hot chick you know with the personality of a doorstop. People wonder why I don’t like Fantome. How could I be THIS crazy about Seiko Oomori? There’s your answer.

Death itself was reduced to a meme. The passing of so many greats was indeed tragic, but not as tragic as the death of commonsense. Probably why America adopted an orangutan for a president and the UK decided to commit economic suicide and fucked themselves over. Speaking about being fucked, JAV took a nosedive for the worse. It seems like the act of a rimjob means no more than a handshake.  Where’s the Yuka Osawa‘s or Maria Ozawa‘s at? Where did the eroticism go? It’s probably buried somewhere in the rubble of Enon and Becky’s love affair.

A year of Twitter has opened my eyes to both positive and negative things. I found out that being white, straight and male means I’m basically evil incarnate- but that’s fine. I also found that there is a much bigger community of people with similar tastes than I initially had presumed. I also found out the scary intensity that some fanbases can have- sometimes to the point where it makes me look like a nice person. I’m glad I made an account, it’s been more than just fun. I don’t know why I was so hesitant at first.

But hey, it’s not all bad. There’s still some things to look forward to. Seiko Oomori‘s back in the studio, Maron Hamada‘s dropping an album next month. There’s a new Blade Runner film and most of all, if you’re reading this then you’re still alive. You made it through 2016 without dying, and that’s pretty impressive. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Now go off and spend some time with your family and less time with me, the ever pessimistic Deadgrandma. I’ll be here bitching and moaning all through next year- but hopefully there’s gonna be enough good music to rub on them sores like an overpriced placebo effect ointment bought from a health-food store. To all my readers, thank-you for coming back over and over. Those that can’t stand me, I understand.

Happy new year folks, may your 2017 be… tolerable. Stay freaky, freaks.


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