NECRONOMIDOL‘s last output- and their first full length release, NEMESIS was only just four months ago. Yet, it feels much longer than that- primarily because Nemesis left such a foul taste in it’s listeners mouths with its hastily, slapped together feel and questionable mastering choices that pretty much everyone except the die-hard almost immediately forgot (or denied) it’s existence. However, upon hearing previews for this latest offering, the EP entitled “from chaos born“- things took a turn for the better- this was sounding GOOD. DAMN GOOD. So, now that it’s finally been unleashed, lets take a look at what is on the table and see if we can move on and get excited about NECRONOMIDOL once again…

First up, like everyone else- the EP is definitely a HUGE step up for the group. It’s catchy, atmospheric and downright enjoyable as hell. It may only be an EP, but it feels more whole than their full length, and is certainly- at least on early listens- a very rewarding and confidence rebuilding affair. Fans who were reeling will likely come out feeling much better about following the group, and once again- will likely rate them as one of the more interesting of the ‘alt-idol’ acts. But, let’s talk about what’s on offer here.

The album opens with the trademark NECRONOMIDOL sounding “Psychopomp” complete with it’s chants over a huge, layered black metal style melody- and for the first time ever- it’s produced so well that it really, really hits the spot. The vocals are eerie and the guitar work is beautiful and sets the tone immediately. Disheartened fans will likely give a huge sigh of relief and think ‘welcome back NECRONOMIDOL‘ with this one. The EP continues in a similar fashion, and the hard hitting “Shimin Kaihougun” comes in guns blazing and arms flailing. This one will be a crowd pumper for sure. It’s delicious synths mixed with classic power metal riffs is truly delightful, and also one of the best examples of idol style vocals working in such a context that I can think of- yes, perhaps even more-so than BABYMETAL have reached. Keep an ear out for that funky bass line in the middle of the song- it’s both profane and essential- it really gives a sense of the aim that the group are going for. Other highlights include the punk/goth sounding “Nyx” (with it’s fantastic vocal harmonies- that yes, really do sound good) and the power metal ballad “Midnight Dominator” that just delights with it’s overt campiness and ridiculous guitar solos. Well played Necronomidol, well played indeed!

The EP does have it’s less than stellar songs though, and these come in the form of the poppy “Taman Shud“, that while going for a synthy oldschool sound- still doesn’t really break from the ‘generic idol song‘ mould- and it’s kinda unfortunate given the truly interesting ideas going on here. Finally, the closer “Idol’s Elegy” is just a mess (albeit a playful one) with it’s strange mastering choices (the actual VOLUME of the track goes up and down seemingly randomly…) which give flashbacks to the horrid mess that was the mastering on NEMESIS. Not the strongest closing choice, and unfortunately left this listener a little flat after the quality of the rest of the EP.

Still, these tracks aside, the EP is one of the best NECRONOMIDOL releases to date, and will certainly please their fans- and perhaps win over some new ones while it’s at it. At the very least- one must take time to admire it’s cover art– done by the infamous Toshio Maeda (most well known for his works on Urotsukidoji and La Blue Girl). It looks fucking fantastic and really suits the music inside. One can only hope for an LP (and thus, LP sized) pressing in the future! Overall a nice little package that is certainly worth a gander, for both old fans and new listeners!

7/10– A massive relief for NECRONOMIDOL fans left reeling in the dark with their last album. A great introductory listen for anyone new to the unit!


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