Review: Iromegane- 37.2℃


Iromegane are quite an interesting group that are almost impossible to classify into one set genre. Their influences are vast and varied and it really comes across through their studio releases. It’s quite refreshing to get such a mixed plate of different tastes- and even more wonderful to know that this time, those tastes are fully perfected and delicious. 37.2℃ is the followup to last years “Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette” -and during that time, it really shows that the band have been working damn hard to hone all their sounds.

So, let’s talk about the sounds here- as that will definitely be the biggest talking point about this one. Here you are laid out a delicious series of highly different types of pop and rock. Opening with the gorgeous, sweeping rock ballad (and first single) “Yuuki wo Motte Goodbye“, the album takes many, many turns in style and sound from here. They range from super sweet bops (“Meshiagare” with it’s delightful, almost insane chorus complete with chiming keys and vocals, and the amazingly cute pop rock tune “Sora wa Mizuiro“)- to the hard hitting, early Wakusei Abnormal sounding second single “Kowai“- which blasts the listener’s face off with it’s astonishing energy and hard hitting guitar riffs. A lot of the fun comes from not knowing where the band is going to take the listener next- and the most interesting part is that despite the mixed bag approach the band have gone for here- it all flows brilliantly. Finally, I’ll mention my favorite track “shall we love?” which is a fun, goofy, super cute and silly (in the best way imaginable) ditty that has some of the most amazing (yet non-intrusive or overly showy) piano work I’ve heard all year. The playful use of tempo makes me smile and it’s become my latest addiction.

The production just sparkles here. Everything is present and never washed out. Nothing is muddy, and it’s just bright and bubbly throughout- even in it’s harder moments. Instruments work amazing alongside each other. Every guitar lick is as clear as each piano hit. Lead vocals are at the perfect level- they never drown out like so many albums of this ilk do- they just fit perfectly with and around the tunes. Then there’s the other things- like backing vocals- which now sound deliriously glorious and essential (instead of floaty and distracting like they did in the debut). Listen to the wonderful chants on “Shiroi Hashi” for example- they’re just at the absolute perfect volume- which raises an already gorgeous and sweet ballad to even greater heights. It all sounds truly excellent– and feels like a little bit of magic has been sprinkled all over the album.

Iromegane have really brought their mastery of a mixed bag to the forefront with this sophomore effort. It flows much better, has bright, wonderful production- and offers a lot of variety to thrill and entice listeners to keep coming back. It’s a major step forward to them from their debut effort “Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette“; it sounds absolutely professional and exciting- and truly has the potential to become a favorite of 2016 for fans and newbies alike.

8/10 Iromegane’s latest should be your latest album to check out.

Review: Iromegane- 37.2℃

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