Dempagumi inc. Dempagumi inc….. Dempagumi fucking inc. It’s the Twitter bait idol band, group, cult??? that litters my feed like a little mouse laying little presents around the house that I just cleaned. I know more about this group that I don’t really like than I do about some of the groups I do like. It’s just one of those things that are pretty much impossible to hide from. Just like another idol group that everyone knows that starts with B. Can you guess????

Anyway. FOCUS MAN. So their last album, WWDD was a pretty big success- and was pretty OK (Apart from the grating production, irritating vocals, wanky choices of genre to cover, people being insistent that it was “WAY MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER IDOL GROUP” and overlong running time) in my opinion. Of course.

So here we are, just over a year later (which is like an eternity in idol time- in which 1 minute in normal time equals 5 minutes) with their highly anticipated (I know because my tlist told me so!) follow-up, GOGO DEMPA. What improvements have we in stock? Which direction have they taken to bring the group to new heights? What’s different?

Well… nothing. Nothing at all.

Yep. It’s the same album again. No suprises. No frills (well, that’s not true. The frills are on the costumes the girls don). I’m treated to a wall of sound as soon as I press play, overwhelmed among the anarchy. I can taste the blinding neon of their dresses. There are no midlevels. There is barely any bass. It’s just everything set to 11- and it admittedly works for what it is. It’s fatiguing as hell. After what seems an eternity of utter ball smashing kawaii death crush I’ve melted into a squirming mass. I look down and send myself into utter shock- I’M ONLY AT TRACK 4- OUT OF 15. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Yes. It, once again, is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fucking long. But it wouldn’t be Dempagumi Inc. if it wasn’t, right?

So congratulations Dempagumi inc….. you’ve totally voided this reviewer of any reasonable critical thought. Your album has drained my sanity to the point that all I can do is hope to never ever have to go through an ordeal like that again. But you know I will, when the next album pops along and decide it’s my duty to listen to something I don’t really want to but have to for the sake of being up to date with what the kids are into.

So yep. ‘It’s alright‘ I decide, as my teeth shatter into little shards. You owe me for my dental bill. Snaggle teeth aren’t as cute on fully grown men. I’d talk about individual tracks but I honestly found nothing stand out or really awful either. The album ends. I sigh a breath of relief. Give it a thought for a minute.


6-ish/10 I guess?– It’s Dempagumi inc. no more, no less. What that means to you is ultimately your opinion. You get what you expect.


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