Oyasumi Hologram- 2


Oyasumi Hologram impressed this reviewer last year with their debut self titled full length. It was messy, loud and amateur in all the right ways. The effective use of imperfect vocals and sloppy, punk inspired music created a one two punch of youth energy that hit home, and hit hard. It also helps that the two lead girls are charismatic and playful as hell.

Unfortunately, the follow up, aptly named 2, does not deliver that. Instead it opts for a more relaxed, gentler tone- and well, does nothing to impress this listener. Intentional or not, I am brought back to the times in my youth where I’d scour through thousands of ‘eh’ bands to find that one great one- and this is definitely in the ‘eh’ category. Nothing cooks, it all just bubbles along and by the time the punchy part of the album- that is, the last two tracks (which admittedly are quite a bit of fun- if not as big of a hit to the senses as their original album) come along, we’re already too late into it to really give a damn.

There’s nothing terribly wrong with it- the production values have improved significantly- but that may be part of the downfall. It’s a bit neutered and removing the crust really reveals some of the group’s weaker elements. Sure the 90’s revival is raging right now, but considering I spent my entire youth listening to similar, better made music, this album is a bit of a snooze-fest to me. The exciting potential of the debut really simmers into generic rock territory- and it’s quite a shame to hear.

The album isn’t a complete waste of time for fans though, and if you preferred the slower songs on the original, maybe this will be a better album for you. Perhaps with a bit of tweaking to the track order (maybe mix up the slower starting tracks with the ending rockier songs) and a less refined presentation, this album could be salvaged. Or just wait to see the live versions, which will ultimately bring the fire that this mini album is sorely missing. Ultimately, you wait for the payoff that never really comes- and this is quite frustrating to the listener on the whole.

5/10 Really puts the Oyasumi in Oyasumi Hologram.

Oyasumi Hologram- 2

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