NECRONOMIDOL have been one of the most interesting new idol groups to follow. They have offered a legitimately decent alternative to things like BABYMETAL– in that they focus on the more ‘extreme’ ends of the metal and alternative scene- invoking anything from black metal to witch house in their unique blend. The news of a full length album was quite exciting- and the fact it had re-recordings of their early work suggested that they were going to give us some oomphier versions of their early songs. Naturally, I was keen to get my paws on this one. After listening to it however, maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty…

OK. Let’s start with the positives. A couple of the new songs are alright, they invoke a cool Motörhead style of metal that’s quite neat to hear. The old songs are still good under the surface, despite them making up most of the playlist. They aren’t exactly the same- they’ve all been re-recorded, so for those collectors, the album at least offers some alternative versions (though, as you will find out, you will likely want to stick to the originals), so there’s that too. It has a pretty damn cool album cover. Other than that, well… the album is more than just a little bit of a letdown…

For the most part, the re-recordings manage to suck the soul and charm of the originals out. When you listen side by side- it’s hard to believe that the album versions are the newer ones. What has happened here? Why the decision to utterly neuter such brilliant, atmospheric tracks? (The biggest offender is the new mix of VULTURE. The original hits so damn hard and this is like a wiffle bat in comparison. What a letdown!) The musicianship is there, but why the decision to absolutely cover it all with the vocal track, which is way too forward and center, even by idol standards? These are all bizarre decisions that we will likely never get the answers for.

The mastering is god awful. It’s the kind of thing you shouldn’t hear on a professional album. This is truly amateur hour and I’ve heard better sounding recordings by teenage high-school bands. The track ordering is a joke. It never feels like an album, just a bunch of tracks thrown together. It feels like it was made to make a quick buck (or in this case, yen). I feel it’s that bad that NECRONOMIDOL will unfairly lose fans because of it and this is truly a shame. Infact, I’m sure some will be quite angered by it.

NECRONOMIDOL should have gotten a better treatment than this- for those who have followed the singles, they had shown a massive and exciting amount of growth from the quaint production values of their debut. To take all that progress away and give this tinny, wimpy sounding and in-cohesive mess of an ‘album’ is an insult to fans and listeners alike. I can only feel sorry for the amount of disappointment that it will bring.

4/10 A truly disappointing mess made all the more frustrating because you can hear WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. I can only hope this is a one off, and that their future releases will offer more than what’s here.



  1. boans says:

    Some of these idol metal groups make me think of the salad at McDonalds. If you want a salad, don’t go to McDonalds, you know?
    I’ve only really listened to Exitium at this point; can you point me in the direction of which earlier tracks had a black metal / witch house sound? That could be interesting.


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