The ultimate disappointment that is… ASH VS EVIL DEAD


When they released the trailer for the STARZ series earlier this year, I was in that crowd that was jumping out of their seats (or should I say skin?) in anticipation. Star Wars???? FUCK THAT. EVIL DEAD with Bruce Campbell is coming back! Oh how I got pumped up. Not only were we getting more Evil Dead, but we were getting a full series of it!

While the remake quenched my thirst for some neat gore effects, it was missing the one element that made the Evil Dead so special- and that was personality. Most of which came from Campbell’s character Ash.

So gleefully, I like everyone else who cared, tuned in on Halloween to see the debut episode, and really, REALLY enjoyed what it delivered. Sure, it needed some tightening of the screws and some of the CGI was… questionable, but the debut episode teased something great. All the characters introduced were fun to watch and seemed like they were going to play a much more major role in the upcoming episodes. Editing for the most part was snappy and done for a comedic effect. Music choices were brilliant. Gore was by the bucketful. All was set. This was going to be special.

However… as the series continued, I started to notice the cracks in the veneer. There’s only so long you can keep a single joke going, and by the midway season I really started to see the flaws. Things meandered and seemed to go nowhere. The backgrounds of the characters are uninspiring to say the least. Would I care if any of them die? Not really. Some episodes seem to be mere filler- and seeing as they are only 30 mins each- there shouldn’t be room for filler. The pace falls off and some episodes in the middle section are well- sad to say- absolutely boring.

Now that we’re almost at the end of the season- I feel barely any desire to keep on going. It’s exhausting to keep up and unfortunately, I can’t say I want to recommend it to anyone. I don’t even know if I’ll bother to tune in to see it’s climax. I just don’t give a fuck.

It gives me no pleasure in saying that this one’s a dud. Sure it’s not as bad as the other horror-franchise-turned-into-a-TV-show that is Netflix’s absolutely atrocious “Scream” (that is so far up in it’s own ass trying to be ‘clever’ that it loses all charm and wit of the movies), but I didn’t really have any expectations for that one either. If Ash vs. Evil Dead does eventually rise up from it’s creative slump- I wonder how many of us will still be around to care.

I’ll stick to the remake for my modern Evil Dead fix.

The ultimate disappointment that is… ASH VS EVIL DEAD

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