Paipaidekami- Tokyo Image Training Kyoka Kyoku


That highly sexual weirdo anti-gravure-idol-whatever-she-is Paipaidekami‘s latest single finally landed- and it’s just as insane and over-the-top as I expected. Here’s some thoughts:

First up, what can I say,  it’s undeniably trashy– but in the best possible way. For the first three tracks, Paipaidekami’s awkward, highly nasal delivered vocals mixed with the high sheen, old school Japanese idol pop sound are a real one-two knockout punch to the senses. It’s bubbly and sparkly as hell, but be careful, there’s glass shards floating around in there.

The main single “Watashi no Namae o Yon de Kudasai!” is delightfully sleazy- as is it’s truly ridiculous gravure style music video. Paipaidekami knows she has the goods and isn’t afraid to flaunt it– and she sounds more confident than ever in this track. It’s great to hear her bursting out of her shell- even if it means stripping back the utter weirdness that made her previous releases so damn compelling just a little.

It’s followed by the truly goofy, but charming “Time Capsule” which has a silly groove and samples of male vocals that only the hardest soul won’t be able to crack a smile at. The chorus is immensely catchy and it got stuck in my head after just two spins.”NICE MUSIC MUST PURE” is another ridiculous OMG JAPAN style track that will likely be the favorite track from this release among listeners in the end. It’s bright and bouncy (I instantly thought of the music from “Snowboard Kids” on Nintendo 64- probably not the most general of comparisons, but hey, that’s the first thing it reminded me of), and Paipaidekami’s vocals just tip it to that next level of “WHAT THE FUCK” that truly delights this listener to no end.

However, the last track “Daigaku” brings out a real sweet side of Paipaidekami- not something we have been exposed to yet, and it took me by surprise. She sounds ridiculously sexy here- and almost “good” in the traditional sense of the word. It brings the hyper first three tracks to a nice wind down and makes the single feel more like a mini album than anything- a surprisingly beautiful and well thought out closer.

Sure it’s not deep, AT ALL. But it is delightfully tongue-in-cheek and self aware. And that makes it so much more tolerable and overall endearing than most similar music. Whether or not you “get” it will depend on the personal listener- but if you can get into it- this is your stop for some true Jpop ridiculousness.

7/10. Trashy fun for (almost) everyone!

And yeah. The word “ridiculous” appears in here a lot. I did that on purpose.

Paipaidekami- Tokyo Image Training Kyoka Kyoku

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