TOP 20 of 2015: The roundup

OK, so I have just concluded the annual Top 20 List that I post on EMF. Here’s the list in short:

20. Reina & Blue Valentines- Lady or Girl?
19. Oyasumi Hologram- Oyasumi Hologram
18. Roger Lion- Roger Lion
17. Sunn O)))- Kannon
16. Hanae- Jokyou Shokyou
15. Passepied- Shabaraba
14. Bjork- Vulnicura
13. Deafheaven- New Bermuda
12. ZOMBIE CHANG- Koi no Vacances EP
11. Suiyoubi no Campanella- Zipang
10. Lana Del Rey- Honeymoon
9. Roisin Murphy- Hairless Toys
8. Sayuko Nano- Kimi to Issho Nara Jigoku Demo Iiyo
7. Maron Hamada- Seijuku no Marble
6. YAMP KOLT- Chewing.
5. Never Young Beach- YOSHINOKI HOUSE
4. Seiko Oomori and the Pink Tokarev- Tokarev
3. Susanne Sundfør- Ten Love Songs
2. Sa Dingding- The Butterfly Dream
1. Bokutachi no Iru Tokoro.- Kono Yo ni Umarete Kita Koto ga Somosomo Machigai Datta kara

If you want to see in more detail the reasons why I chose these, read the  EMF thread here

TOP 20 of 2015: The roundup

2 thoughts on “TOP 20 of 2015: The roundup

  1. Franky says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the roundup. You have single handedly introduced me to more great music/artists in the past year than any other by a large factor (also largely due to your other top lists/recommendations at EMF). I’ve been in Tokyo for 5 years now but I’ve only recently realized how much amazing music is coming out of Japan.

    Can’t agree more about your #1 this year. Looking forward to next year!


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