TogawaKaidan cover art and tracklist revealed

My personal most anticipated album’s cover art and tracklist has been released, and what can I say, I’ve gone from being on the edge of my seat to being on my tippy toes.

First up, the cover art:togawa kaidan

Simple, bold, elegant. Stark with contrasting colors. Eye catching. Totally fits the music that it contains. I love it!

And now the tracklist:

2.好き好き大好き~New Mix~/非常階段×戸川純
3.God Hand Jojo/非常階段(JOJO広重)
5.Mikawa The Mikawa/非常階段(T.美川)
7.Junko to Junko/非常階段(JUNKO)
9.Noise Brothers/非常階段(JOJO広重、T.美川)

While at first I was a bit let down that it appears that Togawa (possibly) only appears on about half the tracks (and likely what appears to be the intro and outro- I mean, it has her name in the titles), I also remembered that I really, really enjoy Hijokaidan regardless. It’s also gotta be pointed out that Togawa has only done the odd song here and there for the last 11 years so this is still like a small gold mine. So while a teeny tiny bit disappointed by this, it by no way dampens my excitement!

Bring it on!

TogawaKaidan cover art and tracklist revealed

4 thoughts on “TogawaKaidan cover art and tracklist revealed

  1. Hi! I saw your review of the Togawa Kaidan, and I thought you would be interested by this news, so I dare to do a little self promo 😉

    As a big fan of Jun Togawa, I’ve just released under my Japanese label, this record in limited edition LP. (180gr transparent red vinyl, limited edition to 500 copies. 100% produced and made in Japan!)

    It includes a 72x48cm folded poster of Jun Togawa’s portrait.
    + digital download (FLAC & MP3)
    + bonus tracks on download
    + and for the first time, the official English translation of the lyrics revised by Jun Togawa herself (I’m quite proud about this one 🙂

    you can find it here:非常階段-戸川純-戸川階段-Togawa-Kaidan/release/10052428

    I hope it’s not improper on your blog.




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