Quick Thoughts- 2016: Already off to a good start.

2015 has not even ended, and we still have a few releases yet to look forward to, but already, some great, amazing and downright surprising releases have been announced for next year. I’m gonna take a couple of minutes to discuss the ones from the Japanese music scene that everyone should be holding their breath for:

boris x merzbow
Boris and Merzbow have collaborated once again, this time releasing a 2CD set. One disc is Boris, reworking old tracks and the other is Merzbow which consists of all new pieces. The intention of the 2 disc set is that both are to be played at once on two separate sound systems (ala Dronevil). A teaser featuring Boris’ Flood swimming in a sea of Merzbow’s trademark noise is both amazing and frightening, and I can’t wait to delve into the final product.

In my humble opinion, the coolest girl on the Jpop/indie scene, Zombie Chang is releasing her second full length fairly soon. It features the single “lemonade” and the title suggest that it will lean more towards her Koi no Vacances sound rather than the debut Atashi wa Nan desu ka’s sound.

boku tachi
The group that delivered arguably the best rock album this year has already announced a followup, with promotional poster in tow. Pity we have to wait 6 months to hear it! If it is remotely up to the standards they have set with this years album, I’d be getting pretty excited

And finally, the biggest surprise (for me anyway)

Jun Togawa and Hijokaidan gave us a teaser on the Hijokaidan 30th Anniversary album, but now they dropped this bombshell- a full, 11 track album to be released in January! Not only is it exciting to know we’re gonna get more of that batshit Togawa and Hijokaidan craziness like their version of Suki Suki Daisuki, but this also marks the first official full length album of new material that Togawa has appeared on since 2004. 11 long years with only a few sprinkles of tracks from the queen herself. Finally, something more solid to add to the collection.

And that’s just what’s been announced so far. 2016 is shaping up to be monumental. And I can’t fucking wait.

Quick Thoughts- 2016: Already off to a good start.

One thought on “Quick Thoughts- 2016: Already off to a good start.

  1. Beatchef says:

    Thanks to your recommendation I now love Boku tachi no iru tokoro. There’s not a lot of info out there on them and only two PVs. Let’s hope for the future that they promote themselves a bit more 😀


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