Quick Thoughts: Short Review- Kou Shibasaki- Yasei no Damei


Kou Shibasaki‘s latest single “Yasei no Domei” is also the latest piece of music penned by Shiina Ringo, and is the title track of Shibasaki’s upcoming single due to be released on November 25.

This short review is only based on the title track and not the single as a whole- mainly because, well, the title track is what everyone is there for- written by Shiina Ringo and all.

Let’s start with what I do like about it- Kou Shibasaki’s voice is sweet and gentle, the song has a catchy chorus and reminds of Tokyo Jihen and perhaps some early solo Ringo in many ways. It has some nice chord progressions and works quite well. It has a really neat guitar solo near the end, which actually took me by surprise. However, that’s the only surprising part of the song.

On the more negative side of things- it’s quite by the book. It offers nothing new to the table and while I find Shibasaki‘s voice sweet, I can bet on it that most people will yearn for someone with a little more ‘pizzazz’ (like Shiina Ringo). The orchestration in the song, while fitting, just seems to be for the hell of it- remove it and I doubt the song would leave any different impression. It’s unneeded but some might like the touch. Towards the end, the track becomes a little repetitive- basically what you can hear in the short version of the MV is repeated three times and that’s about it.

Kou Shibasaki is one of the more talented vocalists Ringo has chosen to write for, if not a little bland and safe for my liking. She pretty much hits what Ringo was going for with the song and it is inoffensive. The song flutters by unassuming and overall, it’s pleasant if not a tiny bit boring.

Still, it’s better than any of the other Shiina Ringo related releases this year (in my opinion of course)

6.5/10. Tinges of oldschool Shiina Ringo with some sweet vocals, yet still ultimately is only a little above average.

Quick Thoughts: Short Review- Kou Shibasaki- Yasei no Damei

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Short Review- Kou Shibasaki- Yasei no Damei

  1. tadanga says:

    Shibasaki’s voice is way too mellow for any Shingoesque performance so any such expectation is obviously doomed from the start. So this is probably a tie-in for an upcoming Shibasaki drama.
    Ringo goes to the bank.


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