Susanne Sundfør’s “Ten Love Songs” is the masterpiece you’ve all missed

ten love songs

Early 2015, Susanne Sundfør dropped her latest release “Ten Love Songs“. When I first listened, it merely came off as a finely tuned, excellent pop release. However, months later, it is finally revealing itself to me. It’s more than a pop album. It’s a revelation. It’s perfectly crafted, with a perfect balance of hard hitting electro and breathtaking orchestration. It’s got a perfect running time, all anchored with a rolling, majestic epic 10 minute track. It’s more than rewarding. Each subsequent play, the more absorbing it becomes. Emotionally, it’s as potent as it gets. Lyrically, its something special. Each song presented here has it’s own feeling, while still all working as a whole. It is magic. And yet, it’s practically unknown (though very slowly starting to get some international attention) to the general public outside of her own country of Norway (where she is HUGE).

It may not ‘click‘ right away- there is a LOT going on here- it can be quite overwhelming. But not in the way you think- it’s not filled with layers and layers of sound like albums such as Shiina Ringo’s “Karuki Zamen Kuro no Hana” or Sa Dingding‘s “The Coming Ones” for example- it’s more like when you first hear something like Tori Amos‘ “Boys For Pele” or Goldfrapp‘s “Felt Mountain” (not in sound, but in experience and feel). You know there’s something otherworldly about it- and the amount of attention it requires may be a daunting prospect for some listeners. However, like those aforementioned albums- the more time you put in, the more you will get out of it. And these, ultimately, are the albums that dig their way right into your heart and become all time favourites. This is no exception.

When the top albums lists of 2015 start to appear, I hope to see this on some lists- it truly deserves it. For those in the know, I seriously think this is the most charming, endearing and long lasting pop album this year. So do yourselves a favour, grab a copy of the album. Give it some time (one of the major problems with the digital age is that so much music is now available at the click of a button, that lots of albums are are no longer truly digested, which is a true shame) It’s so much bigger than it initially appears. Hell, I don’t even think some of her fans realise what they’re sitting on. One of the most exciting releases this year. Definitely one of the most important.

Ten Love Songs. You NEED it.

Susanne Sundfør’s “Ten Love Songs” is the masterpiece you’ve all missed

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