So far, I’ve only concentrated on Asian music releases, so I thought I’d change things up and write a review about one of the best Western music releases I’ve come across in quite a long time, a band which is starting to cause waves in the alternative and metal scene- and one well worth anyone’s time, WILD THRONE.

As if by cosmic coincidence, this discovery came by way of YouTube recommendation. Since (and let’s face it, the band this band are doomed to be constantly compared to) the disband of The Mars Volta, I have been on a search for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to fill that void- even Omar’s own project Antemasque doesn’t fill that hole- infact, that particular project in the end turned out to gain nothing but a shrug from yours truly. It has then, truly brought a grin to my bitter face to hear Wild Throne and their brilliant debut album, Harvest of Darkness.

YES, YES OK- it sounds like Mars Volta. But it also offers something the Mars Volta didn’t- a hearty dose of good ol’ metal mixed in the madness. And my god, is it exhilarating to behold. Hailing from Washington, the group have been touring and pushing EPs since 2008- they have changed their name in that time too (for the better most likely- their original title being “Dog Shredder“). Finally, the group have hammered down and released a full length- and what a full length. It opens with the title track- also the lead single- and instantly gives a feel of what to expect. Haphazard drumming, intense, progressive song structures- and those vocals, which are at both the same time caterwauling and controlled. The band have an otherworldly control of tempo, but its when they pummel at light speed that truly impresses and melts ears.

The most memorable parts of the album- other than the abrasive and amazing ferocity of which the band plays, are the surprisingly catchy choruses mixed in between the highly complex song structures. This really gives the impression that yes, the band ARE in control of the music and it’s not the other away around. This is the main key between mastery and mess- and WILD THRONE surprisingly show the skill of a veteran band despite being so new. This is exciting both in regards of this album and for the future. WILD THRONE have crafted the kind of debut that many bands of similar ilk strive for and seem to do it with effortlessness. Reports of their live shows are highly encouraging too- seems like this band are the real deal.

8/10 One of the most brilliant, brutal and breathtaking rock albums this year. Check it out!



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