The seven stages of grief: SHIINA RINGO and SUNNY ONWARDS


So recently, Shiina Ringo has made some questionable career choices that have left me as a long term fan, pretty damn annoyed. However, lately, that has calmed down and I’ve been able to accept what has become of her. This is my seven stages of grief over the death of what once was. (Also this is all a bit of fun, don’t take it too seriously)

Stage 1: Denial– When I first saw the track-list and cover: Oh it’s OK! Them old songs are pretty good, so what if it’s only got an EP worth of new tracks, they’ll be awesome!
Stage 2: Pain– Oww my ears! This is mastered so badly! Uggh!
Stage 3: Anger– How could she do this to us? After 15 years of loyalty and now she turkey slaps us with THIS!
Stage 4: Depression– It’s all over, Baby Blue. Shiina Ringo is a thing of the past, no way she’ll ever recover. RIP
Stage 5: The Upward Turn– Hmm I guess this LG song ain’t THAT bad. The music videos are sorta cool
Stage 6: Reconstruction/Working Through– So what if Shiina Ringo isn’t remotely what she used to be, there’s still plenty of other cool stuff out there!
Stage 7: Acceptance– eh whatever, her old stuff is good. It’ll be fun to watch future train-wrecks. It is what it is.

The seven stages of grief: SHIINA RINGO and SUNNY ONWARDS

11 thoughts on “The seven stages of grief: SHIINA RINGO and SUNNY ONWARDS

  1. Daniel Goldschmidt says:

    What is there to get over? I think the only thing that people are in denial about is that she’s actually getting better with age – like a fine wine. I’ve seen you about the web and you really strike me as one of those haters with nothing better to do than stir shit within the harmonious Ringo international community.

    Do you even own a Surf Green Duesenberg? Not much of a fan are you!


    1. I guess you are right Daniel, I do not own a Surf Green Duesenberg and am truly a hater. However, you have made me see the ills of my ways and heaven forbid I stir the delicate ecosystem that is Shiina Ringo fanbase 2015. I will continue to keep this in mind for future posts and reviews. Thankyou for blessing me with your insight, you are a saviour.

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  2. Daniel Goldschmidt says:

    It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong so I commend you on that. Perhaps you’ll keep your misinformed opinions regarding Ringo to yourself in future and stop causing the Ringo fan-base unneeded grief. Apology accepted. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Most of the material from Tokyo Jihen phase 2 was apart of product tie in, too. She’s always been a very commercial artist. I don’t see how something like Discovery is better than Sunny (in terms of music or product endorsements). Actually, she even started off TJ phase 1 with a song for a phone commercial that sounds straight from some anime opening:
    Anyway, I thought you were taking a break from her? Not trying to be rude, but why are you back?


    1. I think I am allowed to write whatever I want to about on my own blog, right? It’s interesting to see how many people are actually affected by things I say.

      The thing with SUNNY is that it’s under the SHIINA RINGO name. I couldn’t have given two shits what JIHEN did cause they were always to me her goofy sideproject. But it hits pretty hard when she breaks them up just to make the exact same stuff but perhaps even worse. True, a lot of Jihen stuff was tie ins. But EVERY single song this year has been a tie. EVEN the songs she’s writing for other people. EVERYTHING. It’s all becoming quite a joke.


      1. EMF member says:

        I was talking about on EMF, not here. Thought that would be obvious by my username but I guess not. ๐Ÿ˜› Sorry for the confusion.
        Anyway, HF was a tie-in filled with recycled tunes too. SG didn’t have any of that from what I remember but the music is on it is just as shitty as what’s on Sunny. I think she’s made it pretty obvious that she’s been done with making music as art after KZK/the first two Jihen albums. I remember reading an interview that said her initial plans were to work behind the scenes and make music for ads (at least I think that’s what is was?) She’s been like this for awhile, so I’m just confused as to why you’re acting like this a recent development is all.


      2. I still want to hang around EMF because I’ve had a long history there and I am quite chummy with a lot of it’s users at this point. Is it so wrong to be realistic about things? Sure I like to add a bit of hyperbole to add a bit of spice, but it’s all one man’s opinion in the end.

        If you recall, I was always an avid fan of Sanmon Gossip, it’s still the album I listen to the most. I find that album one of her most unique, and SUNNY to be a tired rehash.

        Regarding her working behind the scenes for ads, how is this remotely a good thing? I find it more pronounced nowadays though, it’s 100% in your face and it’s just kinda embarrassing to behold. I dunno. Maybe I was being a blind fanboy for too long and had a sudden awakening when SUNNY hit. Regardless, I am starting to accept it, and it’s more fun just betting on what company she’s gonna whore herself out to next.


  4. EMF Member says:

    The endorsements ARE a bit much, but it’s just something I expect from the Japanese music industry sadly. I’d rather any artist not do it to the extent at which she does but everyone from indie artists to chart toppers does it. She’s not in the best spot, but she could be in a much worse one. As far as I know she’s yet to write a song for a critically panned Adam Sandler movie sung by a girl with her bangs cut too short (looking at you Nakata) ๐Ÿ˜›
    That album isn’t remotely unique from my perspective. The whole jazzy-pop concept was done with Adult and HF and none of it was refined on SG. A lot of the songs on that album were either rehashed from her previous years or sound so derivative to the point of sounding like covers of other artists. Sunny at least feels like she wrote it.


    1. I’m not gonna get into a SG vs SUNNY argument here, cause noone comes out victorious. But I’m glad you can see that the endorsements are getting out of control nowadays.

      However, I’m glad this article has made people want to start a discussion on here, that’s something I did not expect from it- I wrote it as a bit of a joke/fun to start with that I just assumed would be shrugged off by everyone. So that’s something.


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