STAR TRAIN is the latest single by Perfume, and is intended as a 15th anniversary release which also ties in with their latest DVD. So of course, this reviewer had to check it out and had few expectations. Unfortunately, this release would have been better left on Yasutaka Nakata‘s hard-drive and released as bonus songs.

Production wise, it’s Yasutaka Nakata, so on the very base level, there really is nothing major to complain about. Apart from the fact that his sound has become stale and quite frankly, uninspiring. There’s no new ground covered here, except maybe a flimsy attempt at creating a stadium anthem with the title track- which I will get into later. Other than that, it’s Perfume by the books and you can pretty much expect every moment on here.

A quick rundown on the three main tracks:
STAR TRAIN is sickeningly over-nostalgic. Feels like a Hallmark Card with it’s frivolity. An attempt at making a stadium filler ends up sounding like Perfume doing a wannabe One Direction track.
TOMEIKI LIGHTS is just plain yawn inducing. There’s not much to say here except that it’s almost skip worthy. Offers absolutely nothing new and is immediately forgettable.
IMITATION WORLD bores with its utter lack of charm. What once was a cute old Perfume song has become plagued by Nakata’s cold, sterile modern sound. RIP Imitation World.

The single does come with instrumentals, but who would want to listen to something so bland?

At this rate, Perfume will truly be as old and tired as they look on the single cover in no time. Either escape the clutches of Nakata or have Nakata take a break from his steady amount of overwork.

Feel that greed seeping from every nook and cranny. This single is unnecessary, trite and will probably go down as Perfume’s worst yet. A 15th anniversary release should be something to go down in the memory banks, not something to try and forget. Nothing can prepare even the hardest Perfume fan for the amount of disappointment Nakata managed to fit into these three tracks.

3/10 This Star Train wrecked


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