So, recently, Sa Dingding has revealed that she is currently in London working on a new album and preparing for a tour (no dates yet but I assume they will be revealed soon). It wasn’t until the studio rehearsal pictures starting showing up that I have gotten really, really excited about the prospect of getting a new album- and all the memories of my experiences with her last album The Coming Ones have come flooding back in. That album, to me, is her masterpiece and if this follow up is remotely of that caliber, then count me on the edge of my seat.

Also, on a side note, looks like she was invited to a dinner hosted by British PM, David Cameron, whether he actually knows her or not is another question (or she was just invited because of the current visitation of China’s president and Cameron mustered up all the Chinese celebrities he could find)- but it, to me is quite surprising.


Anyway, however long it takes, I’d be expecting Dingding album 4 by the end of 2016 at the latest. TAKE MY MONEY!

22 October 2015: An update. Sa Dingding has revealed the name of her new album, which is to be “The Butterfly Dream” and will be launched on November 20. It’s lead single, “Swallow” is to be released tomorrow!


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