SEIKO OOMORI- <3 Bakuretsu! Nana-chan to Iku Love Love Sennou Tour <3 ~Nostalgic Nakano Sun Plaza~


It is no secret that I like Seiko Oomori just a little bit more than the average person. She currently, in-fact, is my number 1 musician. So it should also be no surprise that I’m reviewing her latest treat- “❤ Bakuretsu! Nana-chan to Iku Love Love Sennou Tour ❤ ~Nostalgic Nakano Sun Plaza~” live DVD/Blu Ray. It should also come as no surprise that I absolutely adored the disc- BUT even I was surprised by how amazing it turned out to be. Not only on Oomori’s performance side, but also the audio and video presentation that AVEX adorned on it. Which I will get into later. But first… the juicy stuff:

The show gets off to a wonderfully breathtaking and uncomfortable start- an opening run of acoustic Oomori solo tracks. Starting up with the intense PINK, few times have I been taken aback by an opening song choice. Oomori plays messy and goes a million miles per hour. Everything is both warm and inviting, but also gives a real sense of tension to the proceedings- you’re just waiting for her to explode. This continues for the first five songs- and then explode she does! Zettai Zetsubou Zekkouchou bursts into life as her truly talented backing band kicks in and she starts throwing herself around the stage. It’s wonderful and makes the viewers heart skip a beat. This is where the real fun truly begins.

If I were to talk about the highlights of the concert- I’d likely be able to say something about every song. And having 26 tracks, I would be here for quite a while. But I MUST mention a few major key moments such as- the ending of Amai (amazing, extended and near free form, Oomori going absolutely bonkers on her keyboard), the live version of Imitation Girl (what an ingenious version, what they have done for the dubstep ‘drop’ is undeniably clever), the looooooong, slow groovy version of Ongaku o Suteyo, Soshite Ongaku e, the debut performance of Magic Mirror (where indeed a giant mirror is revealed to show the crowd) and my personal favorite moment- this version of KITTY’S BLUES.

One thing particularly exciting about this release, is that it’s the first Oomori release to get the HD treatment- and what a job AVEX have done. It’s easily the best live recording to date- and it looks and sounds gorgeous. Never has an Oomori show been this warm. Everything is clear and punchy. Oomori’s vocals sound wonderful in the mix, never too loud or too soft. It offers room for guitar and keyboard solos, or the frequent amount of vocal freakouts. Whether it be acoustic, full band or even acapella, every moment of this recording is beautiful to watch (yes, even when she’s licking the stage :-p).

In the end, what you have here is one of those rare lives that you cannot believe you just watched. If you do decide to purchase, feel confident that you’re purchasing something that easily has it’s place among all the Dynamite Out‘s, Hatsutaiken‘s and East Gate Toulenes‘ of the world. Not only is the best live video release of Oomori’s career (so far), it’s one of the best live concert videos I have ever experienced. So, if you are a Seiko Oomori fan, why the hell don’t you own this already? For all the people still wondering WTF when it comes to her- then this disc will surely be the make or break point.

Definitive, daring and unforgettable. A must see.

Oomori’s best live show recording yet.

SEIKO OOMORI- <3 Bakuretsu! Nana-chan to Iku Love Love Sennou Tour <3 ~Nostalgic Nakano Sun Plaza~

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