NECRONOMIDOL are one of the more interesting and quite frankly, weird additions to the recent wave of alternative idol groups to have surfaced from the Japanese music scene. They debuted in 2014 with the single Ikotsu Mo Fubuki which was extremely lo-fi and had black metal tinges behind it. It was quite a standout but also quite primitive compared to further work. Over the last year, they have released a couple more singles, each adding new elements- including darkwave, synth rock and 80s style electro to the mix. This latest single continues even further with that tradition and is their best release yet.

It starts with the track Puella Tenebrarum, a great electronic darkwave tune with a lot of atmosphere, which truly works AROUND the girl’s voices rather than just sounding like they were an afterthought- something uncommon in idol music. The production is lo-fi and creepy. The main melody on the verses hails to horror movies- I am constantly being reminded of Goblin’s Suspiria theme. The bridge is the most impressive part- and while a lot of extra instrumentation is added- there is an amazing amount of restraint and it works wonderfully. A great start to a great single.

Lamina Maledictum is easily the highlight of the whole thing. A great example of the idol/metal genre done to perfection. You won’t find the overproduced glitz and glamour of the likes of Babymetal here- oh no- this is truly down and dirty New Wave of British Metal style pummeling. The backing track is so damn great- it’s as if it’s Motorhead playing with the group. The chorus is memorable and hypnotic- and the music video is well worth checking out.

Finally, we end with Sarnath, a highly atmospheric electronic track, with frantic drumming that helms back to the black metal sound of earlier releases. The chorus however, is true pop punk. It may actually seem like quite a mess on first listening, but on subsequent listening, it proves to be quite irresistible. Quite a delicious mix, and really shines out from the crowd of alt-idol for sure.

This truly is NECRONOMIDOL’s best single to date, and makes me excited to keep following this wacky band’s career. I only hope that they keep their production values low key- it really makes them unique and gives the atmosphere they are going quite a kick. One of the best singles I’ve listened to all year.

7/10 Everyone keep your eyes on NECRONOMIDOL


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