When Shiina Ringo fans were asked the question “swap KZK with Sunny on Ringo’s timeline, how would you perceive her now?”, never did I expect such a brilliant answer:

Muzai and Shouso Strip happen as per usual. In 2003, she releases SUNNY to great commercial success – however, everyone is baffled by the inclusion of a certain track: NIPPON. Given that the events of the 2014 World Cup never took place, there’s no reason for the track to exist. Ringo too is baffled by its inclusion, having no memory of having ever written it. And yet, it does. To prevent a tear in the space-time continuum, the timeline fixes itself by affixing the song to the 2002 Japan – Korea World Cup. As a result, it becomes the main theme of the host nation, and Ringo’s nationalist rhetoric beams all over the world, quickly becoming a huge hit. However, this leads to a huge rise in anti-korean sentiment, and the relationship between the host nations subsequently breaks down when a terrorist attack performed by a particularly devout Ringohan member takes place in the heart of Seoul.

Subsequently, war breaks out. South Korea attacks Japan. Japan attacks South Korea. North Korea attacks South Korea. South Korea attacks North Korea. China attacks South Korea. The USA attacks China. Nuclear war breaks out. Soon, the timeline is damaged beyond repair. A 35 year old Ringo emerges from a rift in the space-time continuum and pulls her 24 year old counterpart out of that timeline, and into our own.

Our earth in that universe is doomed. But in 2015, original timeline, a 36 year old Shiina Ringo spends some time collaborating with a woman 10 years her junior who also happens to look exactly like her. She remembers what it was like to really care about the music she made. Her sixth studio album releases in 2016, and it’s her best yet.

-K, Electric Mole Forums, October 5, 2015 (Published with permission)


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