Quick thoughts: DAOKO- ShibuyaK



Quick thoughts: DAOKO- ShibuyaK music video

I’ve always followed DAOKO, listened to every release but never have been able to fully let her into my heart like so many people have already. However, if her brilliant, Shibuya Kei (if it wasn’t made obvious by the song’s title) inspired single suggests anything about what to expect from her in the future- count me in. For the first time, I have been stopped in my tracks by her music.

The song bounces and weaves, glimmers and sparkles and like any great pop song- gets stuck in your head… ALL FUCKING DAY. The accompanying music video really is quite wonderful- and for the first time we see her (quite gorgeous) face and it’s impossible to look away. It’s absolutely cool, took me by surprise and no doubt will be in my top 10 singles of the year.

If I wasn’t excited about DAOKO before, this has truly turned my perspective on her on it’s head. I’m excited.

Quick thoughts: DAOKO- ShibuyaK

2 thoughts on “Quick thoughts: DAOKO- ShibuyaK

  1. I’m totally with you on this one, and the butthurt reactions from older fans are hilarious tbh. “Bring back the rap!”, like it was her main strength in the first place… That being said, that song led me to gave another shot to her previous stuff and now I also like quite a lot! The production and textures are really interesting (especially on Dimension), and her voice and flow are much more lively than that usual female japanese rapper with a flimsy and boring flow. But “ShibuyaK” is still amazing in its own way.


    1. Hey sorry I took so long to reply. I agree with what you say, but kinda looks like my excitement was unfounded, seeing as the bsides were only so-so. Hopefully though, we will see further expansion in the ShibuyaK sound on future releases.


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